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The best investment and a lifetime gift you can ever give to yourself.

Start your Strengths Adventure

Using Gallup tools, researched insights as well as tailored in-house tools, all Strengths Adventure sessions help you break down mental barriers so you have better clarity, better appreciation of what makes you shine!



Four, 60-min sessions over two months, this program focuses on your top five dominant strengths. Moving you from self-doubt to self-awareness, guiding you through to self-acceptance as you work towards improving your overall personal well-being.

Package is also available for individuals who are keen to know their full 34 Strengths. This added two sessions will give you an in-depth and holistic view of your strengths wheel bringing about a heightened sense of self-worthiness and self-confidence.



Six sessions over three months, this program dives deep on self-leadership, especially for individuals who are seeking new job, professional fulfilment or a career breakthrough. We look at complementary themes, customised talent mapping based on the four domains of strengths, identifying and building on your individual edge. You will see positive results in your professional effectiveness, leadership style and interpersonal skills.




Customised teambuilding workshops designed to help bosses, managers & leaders to shift from conventional problems fixing approach to a strengths-appreciation approach working together as a team. Teams learn to embrace individuality and collectively leverage on their individual strengths to achieve set goals. Based on Gallup’s research, teams who actively engage their individual strengths advantage are likely to experience a 12.5% boost in productivity.


How do you make your team's strengths “stick' collectively in the workplace?




Utilising CliftonStrengths™ and Strengths-based Leadership framework as the foundation coupled with GROW model, LeadershipCompass focuses on engaging and integrating collective strengths so that everyone is part of the success equation. 

Through it, the program helps managers and leaders to shift the focus from self to team, adapting and changing the way you lead as you learn to lean in on each of your team members’ greatest potential; and how a partnership with them will increase the influence, engagement and team efficiency within the organisation. 

LeadershipCompass is a 2 full-day workshop. Each workshop can be customised to tailor to your organisational needs.

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