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Our Coaches

Coming Together, Making a Difference 

Together with likeminded coaches and certified corporate trainers, we extend Strengths-based coaching to include Marshall Goldsmith programs for business leaders, senior executives as well as organisations looking at Leadership & Executive Coaching.


Strengths-based Coaching with
Adele Chung

A seasoned marketing communications practitioner turned Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Adele Chung is the founder of Strengths Compass. Leveraging on her strong corporate experience, Adele combines Strengths-based development in her coaching and facilitation programs to support her clients in business transformation and team performance.

Her work creates cross-function collaborations, improves team engagement and leadership development. She has customised, facilitated and delivered Strengths-based personal coaching and teambuilding workshops that have helped individuals, businesses shift from conventional problem-fixing management to a highly engaged Strengths-based culture. 

Sameul Yeo_headshot.jpg

Executive Coaching with
Samuel Yeo

Samuel Yeo is an executive coach, headhunter and an entrepreneur with over 22 years of leadership experience. He has since coached and placed more than 500 mid to senior-level positions for foreign and local MNC clients in a diverse range of industries. 

As an Executive Coach, Samuel has helped many senior leaders and executives to harness their leadership potential. He has continuously developed leadership trainings and workshop for his clients on leadership and managerial effectiveness. Samuel believes in making a difference and in awakening possibilities in people’s lives. He believes in unleashing every individual's potential to be the best that they can be.

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